One of the most effective promotional tools is print advertising, which includes brochures, promotional and corporate stationery. We will design any print advertising and take care of production. We produce most often business cards, flyers, letterheads, envelopes, catalogs, leaflets, posters, tickets, postcards, greeting cards, binders, dinner and drink menus. Download complete price list.

Flyers and posters

We print flyers in high quality using the technology of digital and offset printing. We print on coated papers in adjusting gloss or matt in all available weights (typically 80-350 g). We have a wide range of structured papers. As an additional service we offer lamination, punching, creasing, perforation and laser cutting.
100x flyer A6 for 2,50 CZK/pc.
500x flyer A5 for 1,80 CZK/pc. + 21% VAT 


You can choose from several options custody, either classic V1 (2 staples), V2 (glued) or spiral or thermo bond. Brochures are available in all standard sizes and scope according to your requirements. We also offers the possibility of laminating, varnishing of envelopes.
Abnormally folded leaflets printed in variants A3, A4, A4 to A5, A4 DL, A5, A6 and compose half or in the shape of a "C" and Z ". It is possible to realize different sizes and types of stores.

100x folded flyer A5 for A6 for 6,90 CZK/pc. + 21% VAT 

Business cards and promotional cards

We offer more than 20 types of business cards in the dimension of 90x50 mm or 95x55 mm, paper 300-700 grams. Surface treatment in the form of lamination gloss or matt or satin. We also offer semitransparent or transparent plastic cards, a wide range of structured papers, direct printing on colored papers with the possibility of gold, silver or bronze colour. Also available are economical business cards from CZK 1/pc. Promotional plastic cards in the classical dimension 85x54 mm with the possibility of numbering, embos magnetic stripe and other marking options.
100x economical business card for 1,99 CZK/pc.
250x luxury card for 2,69 CZK/pc. + 21% VAT 

Dinner and drink menus

We print dinner and drink menus in two versions, either on paper 300g with lamination gloss or matt, in various sizes A4, A5, oblong cards etc. Binding can be V1 (2 clips) or ring. The second possibility is hard overwrap plate in sizes A4 and 1/2 A4 portrait, in which you can insert sheets of paper.
10x drink menu 297x140 mm, 2 sides for 19,90 CZK/pc. + 21% VAT


Folders with tabs for insertion of A4 paper we print digital or offset. The width of the folder 1 or 5 mm, can be printed single-sided or double-sided, boards are printed on paper 300 g, surface finishing with option of lamination gloss, mat or mat + partial varnish. We print just since 20 pieces of cargo.
Starting at cost of 20 pieces. We also offer a plates with binders and printed folders, width of the folder 42 and 62 mm, a binder with 2 or 4 rings.
500x folders with tabs A4, UV varnish for 13,20 CZK/pc. + 21% VAT 

Other printed matter

In our offer we have also letterhead, notepads with adhesive binding, printed envelopes DL, postcards 98x150 mm to paper 350 grams with one-sided lamination gloss and other products according to demand.
1000x postcard 98x150 mm for 1,95 CZK/pc. + 21% VAT